Internship/Volunteering: Research and/or Statistics on Global Issues (Environment and Development)


Global2030 is the key project of a non-profit organization that monitors the most important global challenges and recommends suitable measures to be adopted and implemented by decision-makers.

The position:
The intern/volunteer will be working on assessments of global challenges, including several SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Your possible tasks:
  • working on a review on hunger, pollution, climate change, epidemics, poverty, financial stability, technological risks, etc.
  • researching for data updates and recommended action, etc.
  • optionally, the refinement of statistical methods used.

The assessment of global issues is completely data-based and aims to be as factual, trustworthy and unbiased as possible. The impacts on human health, mortality, the environment and the economy are of great interest in this research area, as are the most effective measures to reduce or prevent such impacts. The economic costs and benefits of such measures are also assessed.

You can choose to focus on certain topics and/or on statistical methods. An optional area of statistical work is the refinement of different methods used for a composite indicator on the impacts of global challenges to human life (aggregation, sensitivity analysis, etc.).

Start: May 14 onwards

Duration for an internship (concomitant to your studies): 2 to 3 months, including a minimum commitment of 16 or 12 hours/week, respectively (enrolment at university is required due to German law).
Duration of volunteering: anything from 4 hours a week, on a regular basis for a period of at least 2 months.

Payment: Unfortunately, the association is not able to provide payment or remuneration.

Working language(s): English, and (optional) German
Skills and qualifications:
  • We are looking for candidates with good knowledge in research and/or statistics. This type of research demands a lot of patience and accuracy. A university background is required (Bachelor or Master's programme related to the topics; enrolled in, or completed).
  • Knowledge in environmental, developmental, economic or health topics would also be a great asset.
  • Good English skills are required. Native speakers are very much appreciated, as well as experience in proofreading and copy-editing. German skills are not required (but welcome).
  • The ideal candidate will also have a sincere motivation and relevant experience in the field of global challenges (e.g. voluntary activities, past work and/or internship experience, etc.).

Refugees are welcome to apply (even if documents from universities are missing, see

What we offer:
We offer the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a young and international team with close collaboration, exchange of opinions, and support. You will have the chance to be part of a growing non-profit project, which is extending its international contacts and collaborative partnerships with governments, UN agencies, business companies, scientists and NGOs. To get an insight into our work and your possible future internship/volunteer work, please check out our website, After completing your placement, you will be eligible to receive a certificate highlighting the topics you researched, and/or a reference letter for your job applications.

There is also the option to join our fundraising group, if you have experience in this field (see separate ad).

If you are interested, please send your C.V. and a statement as to why such an internship or volunteering position would be of interest to you (motivation letter), as well as your suggested starting date and the foreseeable duration of the internship or volunteering. Please also mention in your application how you found our advertisement.

Contact data: please apply via email below or our contact form,
10717 Berlin
030 96 534 777
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