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Über uns

ClimatePartner ist Lösungsanbieter im Klimaschutz für Unternehmen: Wir kombinieren individuelle Beratung mit einer cloudbasierten Software, die so auf dem Markt einzigartig ist. Unseren Kunden helfen wir, CO2-Emissionen zu berechnen, zu reduzieren und unvermeidbare Emissionen auszugleichen. Auf diese Weise werden Produkte und Unternehmen klimaneutral, was unser Label bestätigt.

Wir bieten Klimaschutzprojekte in verschiedenen Regionen und mit unterschiedlichen Technologien und Standards, besonders wichtig sind uns jeweils die zusätzlichen sozialen Effekte der Projekte. Dabei orientieren wir uns an den 17 Zielen für nachhaltige Entwicklung der Vereinten Nationen, den SDGs.

ClimatePartner wurde 2006 in München gegründet, wir sind heute über 200 Mitarbeitende in München, Berlin, Den Haag, Essen, Jerewan, Köln, London, Wien und Zürich. Wir arbeiten mit über 3.000 Unternehmen in 35 Ländern zusammen.

Your Mission

We strive to improve lives – today and tomorrow.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. For global warming to remain below 1.5°C, the United Nations have set a clear goal: zero emissions (climate neutrality) until 2050.

To achieve this, we all need to change our behaviour rapidly. We help both, companies and individuals to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions. Thus, we enable them to become climate neutral and make their contribution to reach the 1.5°C target.

By doing this, we direct funds towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support people and wildlife in developing countries.

In software engineering, our main challenges are

  • creating innovative user-centred products with the help of modern software and machine learning,
  • building scalable solutions that keep up with increasing user demand and internationalisation across the globe,
  • unifying the usability, architecture and tech stack of the products we already have.

How We Work

We work in cross-functional and autonomous teams that co-create products and take ownership from idea to impact. Engineers work across the full stack and run what they build in production.

Practices like domain-driven design, pair programming, test-driven development and infrastructure-as-code are at the heart of our agile and lean development process.

We try to fail fast and learn, improve and continuously deliver value to our users.

We currently use

  • TypeScript with React on the front end,
  • TypeScript with Node.js and Java with Spring Boot on the back end,
  • Python for data engineering and
  • Amazon Web Services to run our applications in the cloud.

We work in co-located teams but also enable remote work. We are idealists concerning our purpose, pragmatists with regards to getting stuff done and colleagues when it comes to reaching common goals or having an afterwork beer. We value everyone’s life outside of work and go at a sustainable pace.

Your Profile

  • You have experience with software development (any modern technology stack) – ideally with digital, user-centred products and practices like ours. We hire at all levels of experience.
  • You are an avid learner and continuously improve yourself and your work. You actively help, give feedback and act upon feedback you receive.
  • You communicate professionally in English.

Please send us your CV and cover letter in English.

Why us?

We value transparency, open communication, and maintain a casual and easy-going work environment. ClimatePartner is a growing company in a market with great future prospects. Find out more about working at ClimatePartner at

ClimatePartner GmbH
St.-Martin-Straße 59
81669 München
Mona Engellandt
+49 891222875-27
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