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What is BlueSky Global about?

BlueSky Global is part of the “sustainability wave”, developing climate protection projects with co-benefits, which are financed by the emission of carbon offsetting credits. Through the development of nature-based emission reduction projects, we contribute to turning climate commitments into real-world climate action. We do that with an emphasis on biodiversity and livelihood co-benefits to enable companies, governments, and organizations to protect the environment. After having supported the release of the Spix Macaw in Brazil as a kick-off, BlueSky is now expanding its land cover for carbon credits across the globe and needs support from a technical lead for stronger technical support in the project coordination for this mission. The main function of this role is to design and supervise the development of reforestation projects.

Technical focus 

Environmental science, data gathering, carbon inventory, forest management, reforestation, natural resource management, forestry, or other relevant specializations

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • You serve as the expertise on the subject matter forest carbon and develop efficient, innovative, locally accepted approaches to restoration on the respective land
  • You conduct carbon feasibility analyses at various levels of detail that supports decision making around new forestland acquisitions and carbon project development (e.g. for restoration projects)
  • You undertake GIS and remote sensing tasks in support of project feasibility studies, certification development (e.g. carbon certification) and project implementation
  • You support ex-ante and ex-post emissions and removal estimates (in line with the methodologies of the respective verification body) as required for project assessment (additionality) and project design (identification of focus points); including production of input data
  • You manage quantification models to calculate the most carbon profitable, biodiverse friendly, livelihood furthering approach to reforestation activities on the respective land
  • You provide technical advice to the local partners on the mapping out of the region in terms of carbon and biodiversity (e.g. existing plant species, …)
  • You monitor the local project partner’s technical performance in the implementation
  • Analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative datasets to support project and reporting

What we offer to you

  • You can work remotely or in the head office in Berlin
  • As part of a small team, you have a high impact on our activities and climate We currently have +1 m. hectares in our portfolio
  • No bureaucratisation, but self-initiative and a dynamic environment
  • You can visit and stay at the project sites all over the world (Brazil, Thailand, etc.)
  • Your creativity is welcome, the best ideas count
  • Have the chance to incorporate as many SDGs into the reforestation activities to create as many co - benefits as possible

Technical Qualifications

  • You are enrolled in a Master's program in Ecological Restoration Natural Resources, Forest  Management, Forest Science, or similar (essential)
  • You have advanced knowledge of using GIS software (essential)
  • You have experience in analysing complex datasets from the biophysical sciences e.g. forest inventory datasets
  • Good technical skills and knowledge of tools for data collection and data analysis (e.g. Kobo Collect, Google Earth Engine, JavaScript, QGIS, R)
  • You are knowledgeable in Carbon accounting to develop greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories (essential)
  • You have a general understanding of carbon accounting frameworks and standards/guidelines from e.g. Verra, Gold Standard, etc.
  • Best is if you have relevant experience in forest carbon and / or carbon management

General Qualifications

  • You are fascinated about nature and a potential way out of the hazardous situation that climate change and biodiversity loss causes
  • You can write clear and concise analytical reports for technical advice
  • You have advanced knowledge of using Microsoft Excel (Essential)
  • You enjoy working with diverse people and organizations to get things done  
  • You are flexible to travel
  • You are fluent in English
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