Working student Infrastructure/DevOps (20 h/week) (f/m/d)


Help us decarbonize the cement and concrete industry.

alcemy was founded to reduce the massive CO2 footprint of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is one of humanity's most used materials and is responsible for almost 8% of global CO2 emissions.

We can change this! We leverage machine learning to provide smart production control software to the concrete supply chain to improve efficiency and allow for the production of low-carbon cement and concrete. Our software is used 24/7 in cement and concrete plants to optimize production and reduce carbon emissions today.

Now as we’re growing we need you to support our Infrastructure/DevOps team of currently 2 full-time engineers.

What you’d be doing:

  • Join the infrastructure/DevOps team as a working student for up to 20 hours/week.
  • Work closely with the other engineers to ensure our AWS-based infrastructure, kubernetes platforms, and development processes are top notch.
  • Support application developers and ML specialists in their daily work with questions around tooling, deployment, CI/CD, and many others.
  • Develop internal solutions and tooling - using Python or Bash for example - to automate and optimize our setup.
  • Take your first steps in the industry working in a startup where your actions truly have an impact.
  • Help save the planet!


You’d be a great fit if:

  • You care about fighting climate change.
  • You are a student currently enrolled in a Computer Science or similar program at a German university.
  • You have experience with AWS, kubernetes, and a CI/CD platform.
  • You are comfortable with the shell, Bash scripting, and git.
  • You are a good communicator.

Even better:

  • You know how IaC with Terraform works.
  • You can set up and administer a kubernetes cluster.
  • You know what these abbreviations mean and have some experience working with them: EC2, SQS, SNS, S3, EKS, RDS, IAM.
  • You can tell the difference between Github and Gitlab and understand how CI/CD works on both platforms.
  • You know some Python.


What we offer:

  • Work fully remotely or from within our office in the heart of Berlin.
  • Open feedback culture with regular 1:1 meetings.
  • Regular team activities and a team week every three months.
  • Mac or Linux laptop of your choice.

Our Tech stack:

  • Our applications and data are hosted entirely on AWS, we make use of a variety of their services. EKS, EC2, RDS, and S3 are among them. We manage all of this infrastructure as code with Terraform in a Git repository.
  • We want reliability, scalability, and flexibility, so we built a kubernetes-based platform for running our applications. Deployment is automated and hooked tightly into our development workflow. Most engineers know how to interact and work with the platform.
  • All our code lives on Gitlab and we use Gitlab CI to drive our development process.
  • Our applications are written in Python using a number of different frameworks like FastAPI or scikit-learn. The frontend applications are built on top of NextJS and React.

Working at alcemy:

  • We value transparency and direct feedback and are always open to refactoring how we work together.
  • Engineers take ownership of their features from implementation, testing through code reviews, and deployment.
  • No engineer is on-call.
  • We use modern communication tools like Google Workspace and Slack.
  • English is our main language of communication.

Within the first month…

  • You will complete our onboarding and get guided through our development and CI/CD process and the details of our cloud infrastructure.
  • You will know your way around the team and have helped the team to ship features.
  • You will inevitably learn a lot about cement production or the intricacies of concrete data.

Within three months…

  • You will upgrade our kubernetes clusters to a new major version which we do multiple times a year.
  • You will have contributed code to some of our repositories, or even our Python-based CI helper chatbot.
  • You will learn the intricacies of Terraform code and collaborative work on Terraform code.
  • You will be able to assist other engineers when their applications fail by understanding logs and metrics.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is fully remote and we’ll communicate with you over email and video chat.

  • Initial screening call (30 minutes) with one of our team members
  • Complete a small take-home task relevant to the actual work you’d be doing
  • A team fit and technical interview (60 minutes) with 2 of your future team members

We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply. We also acknowledge how stressful interviews can be. Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the process so you can demonstrate your skill set.

Note: For this position we cannot offer relocation support and due to regulations you need to be enrolled in a German university with a valid work permit. Additionally you need to be based out of Germany.

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