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Fairventures Social Forestry GmbH

Fairventures is a German-based international development organization that drives large-scale forest landscape restoration. Our approach is demand-driven: we link with the private sector and plan forestry interventions with supply chain needs at the core. We partner with communities to develop and test site-specific solutions, ranging from reforestation with fast-growing tree species to non-timber forest products and agroforestry. We aim to restore ecosystems and create livelihood opportunities for local communities on the ground, while contributing to the mitigation of climate change and creating added value along the entire value chain.

Fairventures Social Forestry (FSF) is active on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan (Borneo). FSF works on land provided by the Indonesian Government to local communities via Social Forestry Permits. FSF cooperates with the local permit holders, providing required capital, management expertise, and access to markets. We create a sustainable supply chain in deforestation-free tropical timber, transferring knowledge to the local population, implementing and managing sustainable processes, monitoring with drone and web-based technology, and securing sales to established industry partners. We have opened a 3,000 HA of Social Forest plantation in Borneo, starting to implement FVW´s learnings on large scale.

FSF Forester
The FSF Forester should come from a practical background and needs to be experienced in forest and plantation management.

The FSF Forester will advise on soil, nursery practice, identification of most suitable species to the local site conditions, planning and implementation of large-scale plantings, maintenance, harvesting and post-harvest processing. The focus is fast-growing lightwood timber intercropped with commodities (agroforestry) and/or grown independently on Borneo, Indonesia.

The FSF Forester will share oversight of the Fairventures nurseries and test fields in Kalimantan and will supervise training on good forestry practice (GFP) for Fairventures staff and beneficiaries. The FSF Forester will be tasked with creating manuals and other learning tools for plantation management. She/he will lead the Monitoring and Evaluation and will carry out economic analysis of proposed interventions.

The FSF Forester is the spearhead of FSF’s research and development. She/ he must be comfortable with advances in technology that can be applied to tropical forestry, and be open to introducing innovative technology into existing programs.

The FSF Forester must be open-minded, confident, and willing and able to build understanding and compromise across cultures. New ideas often meet with push back, and the Forester must be able to consistently introduce new methods and practices, and work to gain buy-in and build consensus. She/he has to be comfortable taking risk, piloting new ideas, and inspiring the team to reach for new and better methods of forestry.

Details of Assignment:
  • Assignment to begin as soon as possible
  • Assignment is based Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Extensive field travel will be required
  • Ability to interact supportively in a multi-cultural team with empathy and respect is required
  • Willingness to actively learn Indonesian is required
  • The position is paid in line with the Fairventures salary scale and includes benefits

This position is ideal for a professional with practical experience, and willing to work in a dynamic and challenging setup. Fairventures is looking for a talented person who wants to fully engage in tropical forestry and agroforestry and related supply chains, to help develop a sustainable approach to reforestation for the benefit of local communities and the remaining rainforests.

Next Steps:
Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and CV to:
Mrs. Suk-Hang Tang

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Required Background:
  • Technical degree in forest management
  • Practical experience in forest/plantation management
  • Experience in nursery management
  • Experience in project design and project management
  • Experience in economic and value chain analysis
  • Experience in forestry inventory and data management
  • Familiarity with use of GIS software (ArcGIS or QGIS)
  • Remote sensing and mapping experience is a strength
  • Specialization or field experience in tropical forestry is a strength
  • Experience in agroforestry is a strength
  • Fluent English (spoken and written) required
  • Indonesian language skills are a strength
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