Online Course "Coordinator in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)"

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Organizations and institutions of international cooperation, development cooperation and humanitarian aid / assistance looking for people who are not only competent in the respective project focus (e.g. economics, forestry, agriculture, gender, law, etc.), but at the same time also have in-depth knowledge of project management and are explicitly familiar with financial and social- ecological project management.

The focus of the online- program is the preparation of the participants for complex and challenging work in global institutions for development cooperation and humanitarian assistance, companies (“Public-Private-Partnership“) and international operating NGOs.

Date: 4th of January 2021 till 30th July 2021
Duration: 7 months incl. 12 weeks internship

There are currently still free places available for this starting date. It is possible to join the current programme!

Goals of the Training:

In the theoretical and practical lessons, participants will learn how to use the concepts and methods of Monitoring and Evaluation of projects in the field of development cooperation (DC) and humanitarian aid (HA). At the end of the training, graduates have in-depth knowledge of M&E with according tools and are qualified to write and operationalize Terms of References conduct an Evaluation and submit a report.

Phases of the training:

A: Seminars / Workshops / Group Work / Field Trips (17 weeks online)

B: Internship in an institution or a company (12 weeks)

C: Exam week (1 week – presence in Witzenhausen/Germany)

Evaluation (M&E) in Development Cooperation (DC) and Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

  • History and overview of evaluation approaches
  • Theory and Methodology of Impact Evaluations (DAC Criteria)
  • Planning and conducting evaluations
  • Data gathering, organizing and using
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in the evaluation (Statistical Concept and Research Methodology)
  • Indicators
  • Writing Terms of References (TOR)
  • Evaluation Report
  • Practical Exercise/ Workshop: M&E
  • SPHERE and CHS and HA
  • Working as self-employed consultant (proposals, feasability studies, evaluations)

Project Management

  • Classical Project Management (DIN 69901)
  • Budgeting, Calculation, Documentation and Accounting
  • Procurement Procedures: Tender Offers, Customs, Regulations
  • Management Instruments of DC (Logframe, Results-Based Management)
  • Team Leading & Management
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Participatory Approaches
  • BMZ proposals
  • EU-Projects

Internship Institution / Organization / Company (12 weeks)
Obligatory internship (self-organized) here in Germany or abroad. Also possible in Non-EU countries in Europe, North America, Asia or Africa.

Final Assessment Week in Witzenhausen
Final assessment in front of examination board

We reserve the right to change parts of this program due to the curricular evolution of the program and also due to changes concerning our lecturers.

Fee: 5.254,56 €- Payment in installments: 7 installments of 750,65 € each.

Measure Number: 435/3/2019

Sponsorship through Education Voucher:

The program can be supported by the German Federal Agency for Work (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the Job Center (ALG I or ALG II through the education voucher Bildungsgutschein).

Applications for the Training Program:

Please send a short letter of motivation (Email preferred) and your CV with photo to
Mr. Werner Gebing at the following address:

Please register for the information session via email:

Feel free to call us for any questions.


We invite graduates from universities of applied sciences and universities in the fields of social sciences, economics, natural science, humanities, engineering, law, geography or with comparable degrees to apply to our program. Furthermore people with work experience in Development Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid or the non-profit sector in general who are interested in learning Project Evaluation are highly welcomed to apply.

Please consider that the field of international project Evaluation requires high mobility, flexibility and the ability to work under pressure. Also suitable for refugees and migrants with a university degree. Language skills: German B1, English B1 (aim to reach B2/C1)

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