Product Manager (gn) for Greentech Startup in the Process Industry

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alcemy was founded 1.5 years ago to tackle the massive CO2 footprint of the cement and concrete industry. Concrete is used everywhere, for building homes or for infrastructure like roads, bridges, and tunnels. However, concrete is responsible for almost 9% of worldwide carbon emissions.

We change this! Our intelligent production control software enables everyone in the concrete supply chain to make the most efficient use of their resources. Our goal is to be the world's first company that can produce green concrete made out of a 50% natural limestone-infused cement reliably and at scale.

Product Manager (gn) for Greentech Startup in the Process Industry

The Opportunity:

As the first product manager at alcemy, you will:

  • drive the discovery, specification and development of new features as well as the improvement of existing features for our intelligent production control software
  • make sure we follow an informed decision making process by listening to user feedback and customer success
  • contribute in sharpening our product vision and make sure it is

Being responsible for product at alcemy is a unique opportunity to introduce a new product category into an undigitized market. You will amaze a group that enjoys the upsides of modern software, tailored to their specific needs for the first time.

The Team:

You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is curious and striving to improve our customer experience, processes and infrastructure. We are passionate about helping our customers and approach them and each other in a supportive and appreciative way. We value sustainability and try to integrate that in our office life as well. Our plans to reduce carbon emissions are big. To accomplish them we have to grow as an organization and as individuals, which is why we appreciate giving and receiving feedback.

Your Profile:

  • 2 years of PM experience in an agile setting preferably within B2B SaaS
  • Experience in managing a data-heavy product
  • You can quickly empathize with complex customer needs and challenges and like to collaborate closely with customers and a cross-functional team to break them down in solvable tasks
  • You are well organized, comfortable in prioritizing tasks, and saying no
  • Fluent in German, English conversational

Within 1 Month you will:

  • Complete our onboarding and meet every team member
  • Learn a lot about cement, concrete and how our customers think. Also you will learn the intricacies of cement data and the production process of cement
  • Meet our customers and accompany our business people in customer conversations
  • Dive into our backlog and work on your first feature improvements

Within 3 Months you will:

  • Guide and ship your first major feature and
  • Take over product discovery and testing.You will thus meet our customers in a regular manner
  • Accompany the transition from our current webapp framework to a modern Single Page Application and help us eliminate UX flaws from the Dash legacy on the way

Within 6 Months you will:

  • Have responsibility for discovering, specifying and shipping new major features
  • Drive the product roadmap and help the management team sharpen the product vision for further expansion
  • Become an expert for quality control processes in the cement industry and speak the language of the industry fluently
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