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The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria.

We are a non-profit organisation and looking for a 

Data Manager (gn)

who will operate from home with occasional travel. Since this is a remote position, there are no barriers on geographical location of the applicant.

Start Date: At the earliest.

Your key responsibilities include

  • Manage the operation of existing databases – currently the certified suppliers database, the retailer database, and the chemicals database – by taking over the following tasks:
    • administration
    • user support
    • definition and management of change requests
    • implementation of minor changes where feasible
    • analysis of data and data quality
    • provide reports as needed.
  • Manage interfaces to other systems (like ZDHC Chemical Gateway, Tracenet, etc.), technically and by communicating with our interface partners.
  • Support development, test, and operation of the certificate database Global Trace-Base (GTB), which is currently being prepared, by assisting the project manager. Once GTB is operational, support it like the currently existing databases (see above).
  • Manage centralized data on the organisation's file server by taking over the following tasks:
    • define and maintain group and folder structure on the server
    • administer users, user groups and their related access rights
    • define a file management policy (versioning, storage, access, archival, and deletion)
    • monitor adherence to the file management policy.
  • Manage centralized archival of emails by taking over the following tasks:
    • propose a suitable application for the centralized archival of emails in due consideration of all relevant legal requirements
    • manage the introduction of the application selected for the purpose
    • support the operation of the email archiving application like the currently existing databases (see above).
  • Manage data security by taking over the following tasks:
    • define a password policy for access to central and individual resources such as databases, file server, email accounts, personal computing devices
    • define backup strategies for the central file server, for the various databases, and for data on personal computing devices (in due consideration of relevant legal requirements, GDPR in particular)
    • supervise the implementation of the backup strategies
    • assist individual users in implementing the backup strategy for their personal computing devices.
  • Monitor the implementation of and adherence to the defined data privacy rules.

Candidates for the post of GOTS Data Manager should match the following profile

  • University/college degree in computer science – or knowledge comparable to a bachelor's degree by means of self-study and professional experience.
  • At least three years of experience working with databases as a software developer, database administrator, database owner, or data analyst.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken (CEFRL level C1, see self-assessment grid).
  • Good communication skills – written (conciseness, structured in documentation) and spoken (agreeability and persuasiveness).
  • Ability to work on one's own: self-motivating, self-guiding, self-structuring.
  • Willingness to work from home (optionally at a co-working space near own residence).
  • Willingness to travel for meetings (infrequently).

We offer

  • A challenging, multifaceted, work-from-home position at a world leading, internationally recognized standard.
  • The chance to support the national and international movement towards sustainable textile production.
  • Growth potential based on performance and job requirements.
  • A highly motivated, worldwide team and harmonious work environment.

Unser Bewerbungsverfahren

If you meet above criteria and are interested in the position, please email your resume to Jacqueline Schneider,, by 24 January 2022.

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