Senior expert on Greenhouse gases (GHG) monitoring and reporting - service contract

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Requested services

  • Management of capacity building in greenhouse gas inventories
  • Development of training plans for capacity building in the field of inventory preparation in the sectors of energy, industry, agriculture, forestry and waste
  • Implementation of training sessions
  • Development of implementation plans for the creation of national systems in inventory creation.
  • Training on the creation of the inventory chapter in the National Climate and Energy Plan
  • Maintenance of the regional inventory web portal

Information about the service contract

  • This is a service contract linked to aspecific project
  • The assignment will be of up to 132 days during the entire duration starting with December 2022 until October 2023 The expert has to be available at least 10 days/month.
  • The Contractor shall receive a fixed and all inclusive fee of up to € 99.000,- (without VAT) (reverse charge is applicable) for the fulfilment of the activities in its totality including all costs incurred, such as in particular office and material costs, costs of the required number of copies, business trips and travel costs, as also any directly project-related personnel costs incurred by the Contractor including the taxes and social costs incurred for such additional project related personnel.

Qualification & skills

  • relevant university degree, preferably with an MSc, or equivalent, in environmental sciences or economics or other related field.
  • excellent fluency in written and spoken English; required ability to travel to beneficiaries in Western Balkans and Türkiye; knowledge of one of the languages of the beneficiaries will be an asset.
  • As a minimum, relevant GHG inventory experience with a good overview of the UNFCCC reporting and review process and general IPCC inventory guidance, as well as the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR)/EU Governance Regulation reporting requirements.
  • As a minimum high quality analytical and document drafting skills, which can be demonstrated by reference to a recent (the previous 2 years) report that he/she has authored. 
  • As a minimum demonstrable skills in carrying out similar assignments.

General professional experience

  • As a minimum, the Key Expert should demonstrate at least 8 years of relevant professional experience related to the subject matter of the current contract, out of which at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in Western Balkan beneficiaries and Türkiye and/or the EU Member States.
  • As a minimum, the Key Expert should provide two project references in the last 8 years related to the climate change action under the UNFCCC process and/or the EU MMR in the Western Balkan beneficiaries and Türkiye and/or the former Candidate Countries.  
  • demonstrable deep knowledge and very good understanding of the EU environment and climate acquis and of the EU integration process.

Among candidates fulfilling the above minimum general professional requirements, preference will be given to those who have the most demonstrated experience in multi-national projects of legal and implementation issues, particularly with regard to alignment of the Western Balkans beneficiaries and Türkiye with EU environmental and climate acquis during the previous 5 years.

Specific professional experience

  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in jobs requiring a deep knowledge on EU climate acquis related to GHG monitoring and reporting, compilation and reviewing of national GHG inventory reports, as well as maintaining and managing GHG inventories.
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in implementation and/or enforcement related to a range of topics of the EU climate acquis.
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