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DexLeChem GmbH

DexLeChem is a spin-off of the German Scientific Cluster of Excellence in Catalysis (UniCat). We are a small but mighty team which is dedicated to fulfill our mission: Based on the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry we aim to build a green chemical industry.
In order to achieve this goal, we are offering various technical services that help to reduce or reuse expensive resources in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

We believe that digitalization can be an integral tool for the implementation of greener, more sustainable production processes.
This is why we combine both scientific disciplines – digitalization and sustainability – in all of our projects. Over the last six years, we have proven that our approaches work and created hard competitive advantages in the core of the value chain.

  • Development of new routes in organic synthesis for production of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and other fine chemicals
  • Development of analytical methods via GC and HPLC but also LCMS
  • Interpretation of mass spectrometry and NMR
  • Experienced handling with respective software
  • Project management in technically demanding customer processes
  • Preparation and assistance in writing customer reports and presentations (mostly in English)

Berlin, the capital of Germany, with its vibrant startup scene and high quality of life (at low cost of living) is right now developing towards a global Green Chemistry hotspot. DexLeChem works very closely with the newly founded, the German Scientific Cluster of Excellence in Chemistry (UniSysCat), and the German Startups Association.
We are looking for a creative organic chemist with a PhD or a corresponding education in synthesis route design as well as a fundamental understanding how reaction networks are developed and identified, respectively. A Green Chemistry mindset is necessary and expertise in data analytics are desired.
Your entrepreneurial spirit allows you to work proactively as well as economically. You like to be persistent and challenges motivate you. While you pursue very high standards in your quality of work, you understand that project work means that you frequently have to live with 80% results.
You don’t wait for others to solve your problems and you don’t easily lose your faith. We often work under time pressure and, depending on the project, traveling (up to several weeks per year) is also part of the job.
In the case of tensions, we expect that you are able to respectfully discuss things at eye level. We need someone who is willing to communicate with us as in our interdisciplinary, diverse team.
If you are curious to learn from a marketing expert as well as from a quantum physicist and if you equally like to share your own knowledge with our team members, you are a perfect match for us!

We are 100% independent. This secures us to choose the kind of project we’d like to work on and we provide every team member with a veto right. We regard your skills as well as your conscience as our highest assets. We offer very flexible working hours (results orientation) and the integration into an extremely motivated interdisciplinary team. Moreover, you will have all the possibilities to further develop yourself and to help us to build an industry anew.
We are consequently state-of-the-art driven and we promise that we will always listen to your ideas. Our dynamic hierarchies enable us to flexibly adapt our organizational structure to the level of expertise required in a project. Sometimes you will learn and sometimes you will have the lead in a project.
Open communication and direct feedback are values that we live every day. The conviction to do something that creates a positive impact in the world drives us forward.
We are a young, enthusiastic team that likes each other very much and we’d be very pleased if you’d be interested in working with us! Let’s transform the industry together to the better!

Send your certificates, your CV, as well as testimonials together with an abstract about one of your work examples which you consider most relevant for us to our Head of Chemistry Henriette:
Please let us also know if you'd like to work partly or full-time.
We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!
DexLeChem GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325, Hauss 11-12
12555 Berlin
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