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The African Embassy Ltd Hatari Lodge

We, Jörg and Marlies, are in our early 50s and since 5 years we are only partially living at the lodge. After 26 years of active work in tourism we have distanced ourselves from the daily business. We are now rather working behind the scenes, trying to strengthen our work for organic growth and sustainable development of our business. Hatari Lodge is located in Arusha National Park, at the foot of Mount Meru. All operational matters such as hospitality processes, as well as the place for repairs, the workshop, the fleet, the F&B area, the accounting and our private base are based here. Shu'mata Camp is located 1.5 hours from Hatari Lodge in the middle of a dry steppe where Kilimanjaro borders Kenya's Amboseli. The camp is situated on a small hill overlooking the vast expanse of Africa. You can find out more about us and our tasks at:

Lodge & Operations Manager (f/m/x)


Operations General Manager (f/m/x) to lead the Hatari Lodge Operation in Tanzania
Currently consists of a luxurious lodge and a tented camp operation.
The position is ideally suited for individual applicants although couples will also be considered. The ideal candidates will have a strong knowledge of international hospitality standards and best practice. They should be strong in working in a multi-cultural environment, and enjoy staff motivation and development. As the main lodge is situated inside a National Park away from town, good knowledge of maintenance is important.
Conservation and sustainable development are a core element to the Lodge, the ethos of the business.

General working conditions

These conditions all depend on the respective age of the employees and their previous references and must also be decided individually.

1. Payment:
(Gross and on negotiation basis and depends on the respective position in management, the respective age of the employees and their previous references and must also be decided individually)

Our employees are paid as follows in US $ (American Dollars):

2. Working time regulations:

a) All management positions work in shifts and a maximum of ten to twelve hours per day. The shifts start between five and eight o'clock in the morning and end between six and ten o'clock in the evening, seven days a week.

b) Depending on the respective management position, our employees have between five days a month. In the months of the peak season, the days off are accumulated and, after consultation with the respective employee, added together at a later date.

c) After one year of permanent employment, our employees are entitled to 28 days of vacation per year.

3. Visa and parking fees:

a) Each employee is responsible for obtaining the first visa, a tourist visa, to enter Tanzania.

b) The company will take care of a work visa valid for two months after the three-month trial period. The costs of US $ 200 are borne by the company.

c) If after the three- or six-month probationary period a permanent contract is concluded, the company will make an effort to obtain a two-year resident visa valid for four digits in US $. The costs will be divided at the beginning. See contract. 

d) The company itself, as well as the resident visa, allows free passage in Arusha National Park.

4. Trial period and remarks:

a) There is a three to six month probationary period, depending on the different management positions.

b) During the probationary period, both the employee and the employer pay half of the airfares.

c) If an employee decides to leave the company, he/she should give one month's notice to the company. Furthermore, even if the company wishes to terminate the employment, each employee should feel obliged to prepare a written, detailed handover for his or her successor. The employee will then also pay the entire cost of the flight and work visa in the event of early termination and before the end of the probationary period.

5. Medical care and pension principle:

a) The company should not actually take care of the later pension payment of the employees, but by law 10% of the monthly salary still goes to the national pension fund or to the annual payment system of the NSSF (National Social Security Company). Membership of an insurance provider is required from the time of permanent employment and is also specified by the company in drafts. If an employee requests a different insurance coverage, this will of course be taken into account.

b) For more serious injuries etc., there are flights to Nairobi for further medical care.

c) The costs for medical care are approximately US $ 1500 per year (depending on the position in the company).

6. What we offer our employees in addition:

a) Such benefits as accommodation and laundry services are financed by the company. The company provides gas for hot water in the accommodations, as well as the possibility for light and 230V power. The company provides a simply equipped accommodation. If something is broken or lost, the employee has to pay for replacement. When an employee is given his or her accommodation, a handover list is signed by both parties, the employee and the employer, which also lists the value of the accommodation.

b) In addition, the company pays for a return flight ticket home once a year (depending on the position in the company).

c) The company also pays for eight free nights in the first year and 12 free nights in the second year (depending on the position in the company).

Our employees are entitled to periods of notice, depending on their position in the company. However, we expect all our employees who have decided to leave our company to participate in the training of their successors in order to ensure that their work continues to run smoothly.
Applicant Requirements
  • A Hospitality Management qualification
  • Proven experience with an good track record as a Lodge Manager or similar with full P&L accountability;
  • A minimum of 5 years experience working at senior management level in the hospitality sector.
  • A proven and positive history of developing and empowering staff;
  • A proven and positive history working with and leading diverse stakeholder interests;
  • A proven and positive history of meeting targeted outcomes;
  • Able to demonstrate the ability to build, lead and motivate a competent and effective local management team;
  • A proven positive history working with government agencies beneficial;
  • A proven positive history working with local communities;
  • Have knowledge, passion and experience for hospitality and conservation;
  • Strong Administration skills and Administration packages certificates beneficial.
  • The operation has 70 employees

Key Outputs
  • Lodge Management
  • Support Directors in overall responsibility for the effect management and running of Lodge.
  • Overall Day to Day Management of the Lodge, including of the camp.
  • Support Director in budget creation, management and control
  • Work directly with the lodge & camp administration, the head of kitchen, the guest-relations manager & service team, head of housekeeping- of gardens- of security- and of maintenance. Work directly with the centralised reservation and accounting teams, the camp manager, as well as the guides & safari activity team.
  • Assist in placing and monitoring of all lodge operational stock orders
  • Hospitality
  • Overall responsibility for implementing service and hospitality training plan at lodge and at camp, including service training, and housekeeping training
  • Work with Directors and head chef to ensure menu and food are aligned to lodge quality standards and food budgets are being met and monitored
  • Daily meeting with Heads of Department to discuss the daily plan, including arrivals, departures, maintenance, food, special requests and activities.
  • Hosting all guests, agents and media, large events (groups, weddings, Heritage Foods workshops and lunches )
  • Staff Development and Sustainability
  • Work with Directors in driving community development projects in conjunction with the Heritage Foods Africa social enterprise promoting Culinary Conservation * both at lodge, camp and various functions.

Experience required
  • At least 5 years Management Experience in a 5 star operation away from the big cities.
  • Hospitality and Service Training Experience and qualifications
  • Wine & Food experience an advantage
  • Experience in the service industry especially in dealing with guests and staff

Skills required
  • Energetic, proactive person with well-developed concept of the importance of providing a world-class guest experience and the ability to provide that experience.
  • The ability to motivate and inspire yourself and others.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication
  • Eager to learn and develop management and leadership skills to find progression in the succession planning of the entire Company.
  • Good Computer and financial skills
  • Understanding and acknowledgement of the Tanzanian culture

  • Understanding of sustainable management of natural resources and implementing waste controls and recycling initiatives at both the lodge & camp
  • Understanding and experiences in Business Management, Hospitality Management, Wine or Food an advantage
  • Proven Leadership skills through out childhood, school and college years

Key characteristics
  • Excellent hospitality experience, preferably an international qualification, someone to drive guest experience, food and wine product.
  • Charismatic, enjoy problem solving, positive outlook, patient – not scared of a challenge
  • Staff development focused. Have an enjoyment and understanding of maintenance, sustainability, community
  • Looking for individual or couple. Local or expat.
The African Embassy Ltd Hatari Lodge
Arusha National Park, Arusha
Tansania, Vereinigte Republik
Frau Marlies Gabriel- Director
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