Doctoral project/PhD position Microbial Transformation of Contaminants in the Hyporheic Zone

Technische Universität Berlin


We search a candidate for a PhD study within a large graduate school on "Urban Water Interfaces" (UWI) on the topic "Metabolic transformation of mobile halogenated aromatics in redox gradients of urban hyporheic zones". Start date is July, 1st 2021

The project investigates the hypothesis that hyporheic zones and other redox-gradient zones can significantly contribute to the transformation of halogenated contaminants in urban water streams. We will first establish a newbiotechnologie protein-stable-isotope-probing system for the identification of pollutant-degrading microorganisms. In a second step we will apply this system to investigate anaerobic/aerobic transformation of target halogenated mobile organic trace contaminants (e.g. pesticides, pharmaceuticals) in batch cultures and reactors with sediments from the hyporheic zone to identify key organisms involved in the transformation process. The project will be closely coordinated with other subprojects on hyporheic zones to obtain samples, to monitor microbial populations and key genes along river streams and to contribute with our data to overall modelling in UWI.

Supervisors: Dr. Myriel Cooper (TUB), Prof. Lorenz Adrian (TUB/UFZ)

Funding will be provided for 3 years at grade TV-L 13 75%

Host organization: Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Geobiotechnology,


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Submission of applications including letter of motivation indicating research interests and experience and the project key H8, CV including 2 references, letter of recommendation, Bachelor and Master certificates. Please send your application in a single PDF to:



The successful candidate holds a university degree (Master or equivalent) in the biological sciences and is highly motivated to work in a coordinated research effort integrating a broad variety of complementary approaches and techniques (anaerobic microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, mass spectrometry and other chemical analytics). Experiments will be conducted at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig (year 1) and the TU Berlin (year 2 + 3).

04318 Leipzig and 10587 Berlin
Technische Universität Berlin
Chair of Geobiotechnology
Ackerstraße 76
13355 Berlin-Wedding
Dr. Myriel Cooper, Prof. Lorenz Adrian
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